Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Bluebook?

Social Bluebook is a resource to help creators find their brand value and give them a starting point for their negotiations. These numbers are collected regularly from across the globe and adjusted as market conditions change.

How do I use Social Bluebook?

Find Your Value
Social Bluebook calculates a suggested price that you can use as a starting point in negotiations with an advertiser. Our valuations take into account the most important factors such as the reach, viewership, engagement, genre, and demographics of your profile.

Send Quotes
Select which social platforms you want to send in a verified quote to an advertiser. The advertiser will be able to see your Social Bluebook suggested price per upload and audience demographics.

How much does it cost to use Social Bluebook?

Social Bluebook is free to use for creators.

When will other platforms be added?

We add platforms as soon as we have enough verified data to calculate your values.

Find Your Value

How do I change the job type for a platform?

On each individual platform are drop-downs that you can click to look at individual job types for your platforms.

What is the engagement grade?

A platform’s engagement grade is determined by the amount of engagement your platform receives for an upload compared to other creators in your reach grade. Every platform has seven engagement grades ranging from C to A++.

What is the reach grade?

A platform’s reach grade is determined by the amount of followers your platform has in correspondence with other users on the platform. All but Twitter have nine reach grades from C- to A+, while Twitter has seven reach grades ranging from D to A+.

Where do these numbers come from?
We calculate your value based on the views, engagement, genre, and demographics of your platform. This value takes into account market fluctuations, monthly fluctuations, and the type of promotion the brand requests.
How do I refresh my platforms to see the newest values and statistics?

Press the ‘Refresh’ link at the top of your first platform on the values page to allow Social Bluebook to display the newest data available from your platforms and calculate your current platform’s value.

Why do my values fluctuate?

Alongside market and monthly fluctuations, Social Bluebook is constantly honing in on your values as we receive more verified data on real-world deals that creators have made.

How do I add additional platforms?

On the desktop site, click ‘Add Platform’ in the top navigation. On the mobile site, you can access the Add Platform page via the hamburger menu or the bottom navigation.

How do I delete a platform?

On the desktop site, select the platforms you want to delete and press ‘delete’ in the top navigation. On the mobile site, select the platforms you want to delete and press the icon in the bottom navigation.

Sending a Quote

What is a quote?

A quote is a statement of your value. Each individual platform shows a quote for every platform you have connected to SBB. You can refresh your value by pressing ‘refresh’ on the values page.

How do I send a quote?

Press the ‘send quote’ icon, the paper airplane, on the navigation bar. From there, select which platforms you would like to email out in a quote.

Can I send multiple platforms in one quote?

Yes, you can send a package quote by checking all platforms you wish to send and then clicking the ‘Send Quote’ button.

What are production fees?

Production fees are any costs needed to produce the content being uploaded and tend to be used for elaborate shoots. The cost of production may include the crew, set design, sound stage, costumes, cameras, lighting, catering, equipment, and accommodations associated with larger productions.

High-end shoots may need to hire several vital crew members. The following are examples of some crew members and ballpark figures for working with them:

  • Editors ($200 – $600 per day)
  • Director of photography ($100 – $1000 per day)
  • Production assistant ($100 – $250 per day)
  • Audio mixer ($200 – $750 per day)
How do production fees work?
Production fees are used for large, elaborate shoots that need extra funding to produce the content that is being requested by the sponsor. On Social Bluebook, production fees can be added on top of the suggested upload price when you send a quote to a sponsor.
What are representation fees?

A representation fee is a percentage of the suggested upload price that is allocated to a representative negotiating on your behalf.

Here are some typical rates for different types of representatives:

  • Manager: 10%
  • Agent: 15%
  • Creative Agency: 25-30%
  • Multi-Channel Network: 10-50%
What does a sponsor see when I send a quote?

The sponsor sees the same information you see; the only exception is that the sponsor cannot change the month of upload or the job type you selected.

Account Information

General information about managing your account.

How do I edit my name, password, and other account information settings?

From the ‘Account Settings’ page, you may edit your personal information, password, and email.

How do I log out from Social Bluebook?

Click ‘Log out’ from the top right corner of a desktop page or select the link from the hamburger menu on the mobile site.

Can I have my platforms on more than one account?

At this time, only one account can hold a specific social media platform.


General information about troubleshooting.

Why don’t I get a value for my YouTube?

There can be a couple reasons you did not see your value:

  • You connected your Google+ or your Gmail that is associated with your YouTube channel, but not your actual channel. Be sure to connect the YouTube channel associated with the email you provided when linking your platform.
  • Your YouTube channel has less than 10 videos. You need at least 10 videos for Social Bluebook to calculate an accurate value.
  • You have not uploaded a video in over four years. You must have at least one video that is less than four years old for Social Bluebook to accurately calculate a value.
I cannot sign in my Vine.

If you created your Vine account via your Twitter account, you need to connect an email address and password to this account. Go to your Vine’s account settings and enter in an email address and save it. Then press ‘reset password’ and check your email now connected to your Vine. Press the link in your email and enter in your new password. Once you have your email and password set, you can connect your Vine to Social Bluebook.

Why can’t I see my Facebook’s profile’s worth?

Facebook API only allows pages to be calculated. If you do not have a page associated with your personal profile, you will not receive a calculation.

These numbers seem too high/low.

All values provided are a starting point for your negotiations. If the number seems high, you may have been underpaid for the previous deals you’ve made.  The range provided below the suggested price shows your lowest value if the brand is not a fit for your content, and the highest value if the brand is a perfect fit for your content.

My platform is not working.

If your platform was once working and is not working anymore, first try and re-add your platform to Social Bluebook.

If adding a platform for the first time or re-adding a platform does not work, contact us either via our contact form or and we will get back to you as soon as we can.