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Gonzales Gang

The Gonzales Gang / 10.6k+

“Punch in your subscribers and your engagement into Social Bluebook and they’ll give you a range of what to charge, low and high, and it really makes it easy.

Ron Kwok

Ron Kwok / 4.33k+

“As a small creator, Social Bluebook really helps demystify the unknowns of making brand deals and starting to monetize your channel.”

Josh Simons

@JoshuaMSimons / 6k+

“I appreciate some of the learnings that they have including how you should be talking to brands, and help building your own media kit.”

Nikki May

@dealfindingdiva / 18.9k+

I especially love the valuation tool. It allows me to see how much I’m worth when it comes to my various platforms so it helps me get more leverage.”

Lauren Elloise

@laurenelloise / 40.9k+

“I love the way they break down different types of content and what they’re worth. Social Bluebook just puts it on the page for me.”

Carol Hastings

@thatexpatmom /17.4k+

I was able to find a perfect company and strike a deal where I landed a paid sponsorship, and free Spanish classes. Thank you Social Bluebook!”

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Do I have to pay to use Social Bluebook?

Yes, a Social Bluebook membership must be purchased in order to access the platform and offers. Social Bluebook memberships can be purchased as a monthly or annual recurring subscription. All payment is processed through PayPal or Braintree, a PayPal company. All fees listed are in United States Dollars (USD)

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Users have the ability to cancel their memberships from their ‘My Account’ menu. As part of your membership Social Bluebook offers a 90-day brand deal guarantee.

How does SBB help me grow my Creators business?

Platform Valuations

Quickly connect your social accounts to find your worth for brand sponsorships. Social Bluebook will suggest prices for platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Blogs via Google Analytics, and Twitch. Social Bluebook even suggests prices for different types of content.

Media Kit

Your new influencer resume! Showcase all your talents, social stats, and previous brand deals you’ve worked on.

SBB Academy

Learn the ins and outs of influencer marketing from top-tier content creators. The academy offers step-by-step courses, worksheets, and a 24/7 support community dedicated to helping you make social media a full-time gig.


Are you looking for more support, opportunities, and expertise to develop your business? Social Bluebook Community provides 24/7 access to an active community of creators and experts as well as monthly live chats with our influencer instructors & special guests.


Platform valuations delivered to creators just like you.