Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all of your questions about Social Bluebook here. 

What is Social Bluebook

Social Bluebook is the go-to resource to help creators grow their influencer business. SBB’s tools and education can help you grow your audience and maximize your earnings. Best of all it’s free to get started. Read more on what Social Bluebook can do for you below.

How does SBB help me grow my influencer business?

Quickly connect your social accounts to know you’re worth for brand sponsorships. Social Bluebook will suggest prices for platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Blogs via Google Analytics, and Twitch.  Social Bluebook even suggests prices for different types of content.

With a paid Social Bluebook Pro account you can stay on top of your platforms performance by utilizing Pro Insights. Track your value over time and see unique insights into your platforms suggested prices.

Learn the ins and outs of influencer marketing from top tier content creators. The Academy offers step by step courses, worksheets, and a 24/7 support community dedicated to helping you make Social Media a full time gig.

Social Bluebook has partnered with influencer marketing, Calculus Media, to provide you with exclusive access to brand deals. This is only available with an SBB Pro subscription, and offers everything from affiliate marketing to fully-integrated and direct response sponsorships.

Social Bluebook for Creators

As a creator, you can connect your social media platforms for valuations and other insights, create public profiles, send proposals to advertisers, and manage your projects.

Platform Valuations

The type of content specifies the nature of the content you are uploading for the branded content deal. The specific content type changes the suggested price for that deal.

A platform’s engagement grade is determined by the amount of engagement your platform receives for an upload compared to other creators in your reach grade. Every platform has seven engagement grades ranging from C to A++.

A platform’s potential reach’s grade is determined by the amount of followers your platform has in correspondence with other users on the platform. All but Twitter have nine reach grades from C- to A+, while Twitter has seven reach grades ranging from D to A+.

Unique to YouTube, the viewership grade is determined by the amount of views your videos receive in relation to other users on the platform. It has nine reach grades from C- to A+.

We calculate a suggested price based upon data (viewership, engagement, content genre, demographics, etc.) collected directly from the social platforms that we support. Our suggested rates take into account market fluctuations, monthly fluctuations, and the type of promotion the brand requests.

Press the ‘Refresh’ link at the top of your first platform on the values page to allow Social Bluebook to display the newest data available from your platforms and calculate your current platform’s value. In the event that your platforms metrics do not seem to be updating properly, click the plus button and attempt to connect that platform again. Doing so will update Social Bluebook’s authorization and allow us to properly update your metrics. 

Certain months of the year are more profitable for marketing and advertising then others (i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.).  Social Bluebook’s suggested rates account for these market and monthly fluctuations and we’re constantly honing in our pricing formulas as social platforms and the influencer economy evolves.

On the ‘My Values’ page, click the orange ‘+’ button in the lower right-hand corner. If you are connecting more than one of the same platform (ie: a second instagram), then you’ll want to go to and sign into the account you’d like to connect before clicking the plus button on Social Bluebook again.

At this time, only one account can hold a specific social media platform. If your social media platform is incorrectly linked to another SBB account, please email us at

When on the My Values page, click the three dots on the top-right of the platform you want to delete, then select ‘delete platform’.

We frequently add new platforms but require enough verified in order to do so.  If there is a particular social platform that you’d like to see us add please let us know at

Platform Valuation Troubleshooting

There can be a couple reasons you did not see your value:

You connected your Google+ or your Gmail that is associated with your YouTube channel, but not your actual channel. Be sure to connect the YouTube channel associated with the email you provided when linking your platform.

Your YouTube channel has less than 10 videos. You need at least 10 videos for Social Bluebook to calculate an accurate value.

You have not uploaded a video in over four years. You must have at least one video that is less than four years old for Social Bluebook to accurately calculate a value.

Facebook API only allows pages to be calculated. If you do not have a page associated with your personal profile, you will not receive a calculation.

To refresh your platform’s stats, click the ‘refresh’ button to the top-right of the Manage Platforms page. If any issues occur in the process, click the plus button on the bottom right of the My Values page and re-add your platform.

All values provided are a starting point for your negotiations. If the number seems high, you may have been underpaid for the previous deals you’ve made.  The range provided below the suggested price shows your lowest value if the brand is not a fit for your content, and the highest value if the brand is a perfect fit for your content.

If your platform was once working and is not working anymore, first delete and re-add your platform to Social Bluebook.

If adding a platform for the first time or re-adding a platform does not work, contact us either via our contact form or and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

SBB Academy

SBB Academy is a new website filled with step-by-step educational courses that teach creators how to make money and set up their influencer business.

Yes, as an active paying SBB Pro subscriber you will receive unlimited access to all courses offered in courses on SBB Academy.

Yes!  We will be adding a new course every month.  We’ll send out notices to Pro members when new courses launch.

Absolutely!  We’d love to hear what educational topics you’d like to see next.  Send us an email at and let us know.

Pro Insights

Deal Hub

Deal Hub is a brand new tool from Social Bluebook that provides creators access to millions of affiliate sponsorships as well as direct response brand deals with companies like Dollar Shave Club, Audible, Ring, Skillshare, Squarespace, and others. 

Yes, you need to be an active paying SBB Pro subscriber in order to get access to Deal Hub.

Yes, you will be prompted to create a separate username and password to get access to Deal Hub.  You will be able to link your SBB account to your Deal Hub account.

Direct Response is a form of influencer marketing where a brand hires an influencer (for a fee negotiated upfront) to promote a product or service.  The influencer is typically given a link so that the brand can track the number of sales and engagement that the influencer generates.  Influencers are paid once they fullfill their work and upload their content.

No, your social accounts will need to be reviewed to ensure that you are a fit for the campaign.  If you’re approved to participate, our partners at Calculus Media will reach out with further details.

Affiliate Marketing opportunities on Deal Hub allow you to easily copy & share a unique tracking link and start making money immediately.  Search and browse through millions of products that can immediately be sold for commission.

You can track sales and commissions earned from your Dashboard within Deal Hub.  

You can request a payout from your Profile page within Deal Hub.  You must have a payable balance of at least $20.00 USD.

Media Kit

Your SBB Media Kit is a public page for you to display to advertisers the statistics of all of your connected social platforms in one place. You can also add a bio, and select categories that best describe your content, as well as upload examples of sponsored posts that you’ve done for brands in the past.

To help you sell yourself to brands!  Creating and filling out a Media Kit will help advertisers know more about you, your content, and what you can do to help them sell more product.  Once you’ve created your media kit you can easily share the link to your kit to anyone you’re working with. All of your stats update automatically.  Goodbye time-consuming powerpoint decks and pdfs!!

Categories are genres that best fit the content of your social media platforms. Values are the ideals that best fit with the message you want to communicate to your audience.

This allows us to notify you about potential branding deals, replies to your proposals, and upcoming steps for your projects managed on SBB.

No.  All information listed under ‘Contact Info’ is private and only available to you and Social Bluebook.

This is where you can show brands what you’ve done!  Content examples are examples of your original content you have uploaded to your social media platforms. These can include any type of content that you’ve produced but we recommend uploading examples of branded content examples so that brands can get a good idea of the success you’ve brought in previous brand deals.

On the platform page, press ‘edit’ just above your listed platforms. Click on the platform you want to change, then toggle the display on or off. Click save.

Platforms that are not displayed to the public on your profile are marked by an eye crossed out. All of your connected platforms are automatically displayed on your profile.

When you enter in a minimum rate for a platform, an advertiser has to make an offer equal or greater than the value entered in order for them to send a request for proposal to you.

On your Media Kit page, press ‘edit’ just above your listed platforms. Click on the platform you want to change, then enter in your minimum rate. Click save.

If you toggle the suggested rates on when creating a proposal, this will turn on the suggested rates for anyone viewing your profile to see.

Everything that is public on your Media Kit can be seen in an incognito browser window at

You can also copy the link for your Media Kit by clicking the ‘share’ button in the top right of the profile.

SBB Proposals

A proposal is a professional offer to send to brands with branded content ideas for their products. Inside a proposal a creator specifies the proposal name and details, important dates, and the platforms they want to use for this project.

From the ‘My Projects’ page, click the plus button at the bottom right-hand corner to start a new proposal.

This is the amount of time an advertiser has to respond to your proposal. They will not be able to reply to your proposal past the expiration date set.

Advertisers like to preview and approve branded content before it is posted. This preview is known as a draft. The draft due date is the number of days a creator needs to send the draft before uploading the branded content. For instance, if the draft due date is set three days before upload, and the upload is due on 07/30/2017, the draft is due on 07/27/2017.

A deliverable lists the details of what you will do for one specific post on one specific platform on one specific day.

Once you have filled out all required fields for a proposal, press ‘Save and Continue’. From there, you can send someone a proposal by copying a link, sending them an email, or through text message.

Have your proposal ready to go but you do not have an advertiser’s contact information yet? It’s no problem; you can go back to saved proposals and send them later by going to the ‘proposals’ tab under My Projects and clicking the mail arrow associated to the proposal you want to send.

You can edit a proposal by going to My Projects and clicking the edit link associated to the proposal you want to change.

Don’t know where to start finding advertisers? Here are some tips:

Generally speaking, advertisers look for platforms with 5,000 followers and greater. While there are exceptions and some advertisers will work with smaller creators, 5,000 followers minimum for the main platform is generally expected. Focus on growing your platform with new original content to continuously grow your audience to attract more advertisers.

Determine the genre of your content. Genres include lifestyle, family, travel, games, fashion, and so on.

Identify small to medium-sized brands with products and services that fit the genres of your content that you would like to promote.

Go to their website and look to see if they have an influencer marketing or ambassador program. If they do and you fit their requirements, reach out to them to express your interest. If they do not, reach out to their marketing team or general information team to see if they are interested in working with you. Send them a link to your profile to show them your platforms and content.

Yes. You can save a proposal after filling in all required fields. Press ‘Save and Continue’ at the bottom to save your information, then leave the page.

Updating Account Information

To change your account’s email address, contact us at

To change your password click here.

Yes, you can edit your personal settings in your Media Kit by clicking the arrow in the upper-right hand corner and clicking ‘profile’. Click the edit button in the box.

Select the drop-down arrow at the top right corner (the navigation menu on mobile) and click ‘log out’ at the bottom.

Payments and Refunds

Creators can add their first platform valuation for free.  If they desire to add more than one platform valuation then they must upgrade their membership to Social Bluebook Pro.  

The following is a complete breakdown of what is included in Social Bluebook Pro: 

Receive unlimited Social Platform Valuations

Track insights over time and pricing on recent posts

Customizable, sharable, and automatically updated media kit

Exclusive access to Brand Sponsorship through Calculus Media

Learn from influencers and managers in the SBB Academy

24/7 support community with creators, influencers, and special guest live streams  

Social Bluebook Pro can be purchased as a monthly or annual recurring subscription. All payment is processed through Braintree, a PayPal company. All fees listed are in United States Dollars (USD).

Please allow up to 5 business days after the Advertiser has released payment for the funds to reach your bank account.

For proposals initiated by the creator, the charge is 5% on both sides. For example, in a $100 transaction, $105 is paid by the advertiser, and $95 is received by the creator.

The 5% transaction fee covers the cost and convenience of using Social Bluebook as a secure payments facilitator.

Braintree receives 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

For campaigns initiated by the advertiser, the charge is 10% on both sides. For example, in a $100 transaction, $110 is paid by the advertiser, and $90 is received by the creator.

As Social Bluebook provided the connection for the relationship, there is a slightly higher transaction fee for both sides.

Braintree receives 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction.

All paid campaigns on SBB must have a minimum value of $50. For instance, as a creator, all of your deliverables in a proposal must add up to at least $50. As an advertiser, if you specify deliverables and payment for the creator in your request for proposal, the amounts must add up to at least $50.

Social Bluebook Pro Memberships

Fees collected for Social Bluebook Pro memberships are non-refundable.

Social Bluebook Marketplace™

As a general rule of thumb, Social Bluebook will fully refund any projects where the creator has not posted any of their content publicly (exceptions to this would include pre-posting fees covered by the creator such as production costs or equipment rentals).

If a creator has posted a deliverable as specified by the proposal outline, the payment specified for this particular deliverable will be released to the creator and the remainder of the fees will be refunded to the advertiser.

Remember: every project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to with the project information and the reason for the requested refund.


All cancellations and refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by a Social Bluebook team member.

Social Bluebook for Advertisers

As an advertiser, you can find creators and request proposals from them, manage all your campaigns, and easily pay them with a single click.

Find Creators

Those are the creator’s other platforms that reside on their account. Every user that has more than one platform will have a drop-down arrow to the right of the platform name.

A platform’s engagement grade is determined by the amount of engagement your platform receives for an upload compared to other creators in your reach grade. Every platform has seven engagement grades ranging from C to A++.

A platform’s potential reach’s grade is determined by the amount of followers your platform has in correspondence with other users on the platform. All but Twitter have nine reach grades from C- to A+, while Twitter has seven reach grades ranging from D to A+.

Unique to YouTube, the viewership grade is determined by the amount of views your videos receive in relation to other users on the platform. It has nine reach grades from C- to A+.

Each platform listed on the Find Creators page was connected through the platform’s API to give Social Bluebook accurate information. Some APIs offer more information than others.

Genres only apply to YouTube platforms.

Country, gender, and age range only apply to YouTube and Facebook platforms.

If you need demographics of a platform that is not available through API, we recommend looking at the creator’s associated platforms (by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of their name) and looking at the platform with the same branding as the one you wish to work with.

Yes. Check the creator’s platforms which you want to save, then at the top of the search results click ‘add creators’. From there you can add them to a campaign already existing or add them to a list of favorites to save from later.

Click the heart icon in the navigation to view your favorites lists.

In the Favorites section, press the list link to view your favorites. Click the ‘edit’ link beside the list’s name to edit its name and users attached to the list.

Yes. In the Favorites section, press the share icon associated to the list you want to send out. You can also find this icon inside an open list of favorites. You can send it by copy/pasting a link, through email, or through SMS.

Starting a Campaign and Requesting a Proposal

In the ‘My Campaign’ tab you find every campaign that you created to send out to creators. In the ‘Proposals’ tab you will find every proposal that the creator initiated outside of your campaigns.

Navigate to ‘My Campaigns’ and click the plus button in the bottom-right corner to begin a campaign.

In the idea field, an advertiser enters any preliminary thoughts on what a creator can do within their sponsored post. If you have no particular ideas in mind, let the creator know that you want to hear their ideas.

In the goal field, you enter what you hope to achieve out of these sponsored posts, such as conversions, social media followers, brand awareness, etc.

The minimum price entered is the minimum amount you are generally willing to pay an individual creator. The minimum price has to be at least $50 USD. The maximum price is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an individual creator.

A deliverable lists the details of what you will do for one specific post on one specific platform on one specific day.

Once your campaign is created and you are inside your campaign, click the person icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. From there you can find new creators by clicking the magnifying glass or select creators from a pre-made list by clicking the heart icon.

Yes. Go to ‘My Campaigns’ and select the campaign you want to add more creators to. Click the icon at the bottom-right corner and select creators from either the search or your lists.