You love knowing what you’re worth. You love showing what you’re worth to advertisers when you send a quote with your platform data from Social Bluebook. You love when those same advertisers then pay you what you’re worth. We’ve heard it from thousands of creators and it is truly awesome.  But hey, let’s make that process a bit easier and bit more awesome. It’s time to create your public profile. Today.

Why? Well, if create your Social Bluebook public profile you will immediately go to the top of the search results for over 1,200 advertisers looking for creators like you. You’ll also be able to claim your custom URL too.

From that point forward, if an advertiser or brand approaches you with a deal, all you have to do is send them your Social Bluebook public profile link and they’ll immediately understand why you’re worth what you are.

Check out the video walkthrough below on public profiles. You’re welcome. 😉