The two best strategies to find brands who are paying influencers on YouTube and Instagram

The two best strategies to find brands who are paying influencers on YouTube and Instagram

The two best strategies to find brands who are paying influencers on YouTube and Instagram

Are you looking to start working with brands but not sure where to start?  You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to share with you our two best strategies to research which brands are currently investing in influencer marketing.  Once you identify which brands are spending with influencers then you can figure out how to contact them and how you can help them meet their goals. (i.e. awareness, sales, etc.) 

OK, let’s jump into the two strategies.

Strategy #1:  Search #sponsored on YouTube and Instagram

Hopefully, we all know that per FTC guidelines all advertisements with influencers need to have some kind of disclosure that it is a paid endorsement.  Typically this is done through the influencer adding the hashtag #sponsored or #ad, etc.   Did you know that when an influencer adds these hashtags to their videos or posts these hashtags make that content searchable?   So the next time you are on YouTube just simply type #sponsored into the search bar and click ‘search.’  And Voila, you can now see a whole host of sponsored videos as well as the brands that are dishing out the dough.  Pretty simple, right?  The process is just as easy on Instagram.  Go to the search window and again enter in #sponsored.  There are over 3.6 MILLION posts!  That’s a lot of brands spending which means future opportunities for you.   

Strategy #2:  Check out influencers similar to you

The second strategy is to research other influencers who are like you.  Meaning that they make similar content and have similar interests to you.  Make a list of at least 10 YouTubers/Instagrammers and then pull up their YouTube channels or Instagram profiles.  Are they promoting any brands? 

Pro-tip: On their YouTube channel you can actually use strategy #1 and search for #sponsored inside of their video library.  On Instagram, it may be easier just to scroll through their feed and look for any blatant product promotions. 

This strategy can be helpful in two ways. 

1) You can search and find brands who are spending on influencers

2) Because these influencers are similar to you it is likely that these brands would want to work with you as well!  It may even make sense to let the brand know that you saw some of the great work that they were doing with so & so’s channel, etc.    

What do I do now?

By implementing these strategies you should be able to compile a list of a bunch of brands to reach out to.  When compiling your list make sure you capture things like the brand name, contact email, what ideas you platforms you plan on pitching, etc.  Here’s a template (click ‘File’ then ‘Make a Copy’) that you can use to track your list.  

You may be wondering, how do I find the contact information for these brands?  We’re going to cover this in a future blog but here are some quick tips. 

  1. Try visiting their website
  2. Look up the brand on LinkedIn
  3. Check to see if they have an Instagram that you can DM them on. 

You’re essentially looking for anyone within marketing and specifically anyone who handles influencer marketing.  Once you have the contact info for who you need to contact it’s time to reach out and make yourself known. 

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