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Why influencers all need a niche

Hi Creators, If you want to be a successful influencer, you must select a niche.  This is a must!  Your niche, particularly when you are just starting as an influencer, will define you and help your audience to know who you are and what they can expect from you.  But...

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My Social Bluebook Moment

My story and introduction into the world of being a creator is a little different than most. I work in the finance world as my day job. I married a creator and because of her influence, I've gained a decent following. I get pitched brand deals occasionally and I use...

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How to Write a Proposal

With the new version of Social Bluebook, creators have the chance to be proactive. After you and a brand make a connection and decide to work with one another, you can send a professional proposal with your ideas on how you want to promote their content. What sort of...

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