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What to Pay for Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing, many influencers do not know what to charge advertisers and many brands do not know what to pay influencers. That is why we started Social Bluebook: to provide a starting social media value to influencers so they can have a price for...

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Getting Started in Influencer Marketing

Advertising with social media influencers is unlike any other type of advertising. There is a learning curve that comes with finding and connecting to the right influencers as well as setting up a realistic, successful campaign. Inspired by the stories from the...

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How to Build your Social Media Following

So you have a social media account. You are pretty active on it, but for whatever reason it does not really seem to be growing a following. What do you need to do to see your audience really grow? Here are nine tips for building up your content that will draw a larger...

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